Our Story

We Are Mighty River Brewing

As a homebrewer, sharing the beer with friends and neighbors was always half the fun. From good beer comes good conversation and great friendships. That is what drove the desire to open a neighborhood brewery. My brother and I started brewing in 2007 and have always had a passion for homebrewing and the microbrewery movement. After years of creating recipes and honing the craft we felt it was time to take our brewing skills to the public to share. We’ve traveled the country from Oregon to Arizona to Florida and Massachusetts and many states in between and have learned many interesting and valuable techniques.

With so many choices in the area we knew we had to create beer and an environment that our customers would enjoy and talk about. To us, the best part of making beer is the smile it puts on people’s faces. We are excited to serve the local community and exceed the expectations of our customers no matter their beer tastes; from a light pilsner lager to a Belgian strong ale…Mighty River brewing is ready to brew your favorite style of beer!

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